Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work ?

We come right to your location and provide high quality, efficient, and friendly service. We generally have most parts in stock that are needed for repairs.

How Much Does This Cost ?

We charge a service minimum of $90. If you book any of our services then you have satisfied the minimum, it is not additional.

What If You Can't Fix My Bike ?

In the event we cannot fix your bike on the spot, which is rarely the case, we will then either: Take your bike with us and drop it off later or Find the right parts and return it as soon as possible. If we do a pick it up and drop it off the average wait time is 2 weeks barring any other delays.

What if I Only Have A Flat Tire ?

We charge a minimum of $90 regardless of the service required to cover our time. Simple repairs may be more economical for your local bike shop to take care of.

Where Will My Bike Be Worked On ?

We have a very well equipped mobile service station that is dispatched to your location. All you need to do is bring the bike to the truck !

What if My Issue is Complex ?

Please email us at, we love solving difficult issues.

What Are You Doing About Covid-19 ?

Our mechanic is very diligent about following all safety guidelines. Expect to see a Mask, Social Distancing and Sanitized Hands.

Do You Work On Electric Bikes ?

Yes, but it depends on the brand of the bike as well as the issue that is present.

Do You Come to Do Estimates ?

Unfortunatley no. In general we try to pre-diagnose and pre-quote as much as possible to avoid any issue with this.

Do You Have the Tools You Need for My Bike ?

Repair and service are the foundation of our business, we pride ourselves in having the best tools and equipment. Our setup can be more comprehensive than a brick and mortar shop.

What If It Is Raining ?

The weather only affects service under limited circumstances, just rain will not however.

How Soon Can You Come ?

There is a 2 day advance notice required, for best availability check the booking portal to see when we are available in your area.

Where is The Service Available ?

We are operate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. If you are not sure if your area is included, you can go to our booking portal and enter your zip code.